Table 3

SEER incidence rates

SEER ovarian (Ia*) and breast (Fa*) cancer incidence rates expressed as the probability of developing ovarian or breast cancer over the corresponding 10-year range. For example, the SEER rate of ovarian cancer for women in the age group 20–29 is 4 per 10,000 person-years or 0.0004 when expressed as a probability and similarly for breast cancer. The standardized incidence ratio (SIR) SIRa is the incidence of a primary ovarian cancer in breast cancer patients in a given age group, relative to the general population incidence of ovarian cancer for the same age group. This is calculated using the SEER database. For example, the incidence of ovarian cancer among breast cancer patients in the age group 20–29 is 11.42 times higher than the incidence of ovarian cancer in the general population for the same age group. The adjusted incidence is given by Ra* = (Ia* − SIRa × Ia* × Fa*)/(1 − Fa*).

Age (yrs)Ovarian cancer incidence (Ia*)Ovarian cancer SIR (SIRa)Breast cancer incidence (Fa*)Adjusted incidence (Ra*)