Table 2

Hypermethylated DAP-kinase promoter in primary tumor, plasma, and buffy coat

Patient no.DAP-kinase hypermethylationaHo’s stageRecurrence site after treatmentStatus at last follow-up
Primary tumorPlasmaCirculating cells
4362+++T1N2M0NoAlive, no tumor
4379++0T3N3M0Neck and distantDied of tumor
4621++0T2N2M0NoAlive, no tumor
4637++0T1N2M0NoAlive, no tumor
4659++0T1N1M0NoAlive, no tumor
4932++0T3N0M0NoAlive, no tumor
5004+0+T1N2M0NeckAlive, no tumor after surgical salvage
5027+0+T2N2M0NoDied of other cause
4933+00T3N3M0Neck and distantDied of tumor
4957+00T1N1M0NoAlive, no tumor
5028+00T2N1M0NoAlive, no tumor
5156+00T3N1M0DistantDied of tumor
  • a +, hypermethylation; 0, no hypermethylation.