Table 2

Correlation between EPAS-1/HIF-2α expression and histological grade, pathological T stage, or existence of necrosis

A.EPAS-1/HIF-2α expression (No. of cases)Pa
Histological grade
 TCC grade 1100010P < 0.001
  Grade 2154019
  Grade 3981734
 Sarcomatoid TCC0112
 Squamous cell cancer0011
 Small cell cancer0011
Pathological T stage (TCC cases)
 pTis1001P < 0.001
B.Existence of necrosis (No. of cases)Pa
EPAS-1/HIF-2α expression (TCC cases)
 −28634P < 0.001
Histological grade
 TCC grade 19110P < 0.001
  Grade 214519
  Grade 3112334
 Sarcomatoid TCC022
 Squamous cell cancer011
 Small cell cancer011
Pathological stage (TCC cases)
 pTis101P = 0.005
  • a χ2 test was used to analyze the correlation between EPAS-1/HIF-2α expression and histological grade or pathological T stage and between existence of necrosis and EPAS-1/HIF-2α expression, histological grade, or pathological T stage.