Table 1

Increase in protein kinase A activity ratio in RIα antisense RNA/DNA ODN-treated PC3M cells.

Cells were treated with antisense ODN or mismatched control ODN (100 nm) for the indicated time intervals. Cell extracts were prepared, and PKA activity was measured as described in “Materials and Methods.” PKA activity ratio was calculated as the ratio between free (basal) PKA and total PKA. Zero time indicates untreated control cells. Mismatched control ODN had no effect on both basal and total activity throughout the experimental time period. Data represent one of three independent experiments that gave similar results.

Antisense ODN treatment time (h)Cell extract
Total PKA activity (units/mg protein)Free PKA activity (units/mg protein)PKA activity ratio −cAMP
0 4.20.460.11100
3 4.20.470.11100
6 4.20.470.11100
9 4.10.470.11100
12 4.10.490.12109
18 4.00.500.13118
24 3.80.500.13118
48 3.60.500.14127
60 3.50.570.16145
72 3.40.590.17155
96 3.40.600.18164
120 3.40.600.18164