Table 4

Comparison of paclitaxel pharmacokinetic parameters for an 80 mg/m2 dose administered in combination with VX-710 to pharmacokinetics for single-agent paclitaxel at 175 mg/m2

ParameterVX-710 (120 mg/m2/hr) + paclitaxelHuizing et al.(31)Gianni et al.(29)
Prior Phase IPhase II
Paclitaxel dose (mg/m2)8080175175
Number of patients53453
Infusion duration (h)3333
T1/2 β (h)6.8a11.6b14.26.5
CLs (liters/h/m2)5.9 (1.1)c5.1 (1.3)12.6 (2.6)9.6 (1.5)
Vss (liters/m2)40.7 (5.6)50.7 (13.0)99.2 (59.6)NDd
AUC (μg × h/ml)14.4 (3.2)16.8 (5.0)14.4 (3.0)15.8 (2.6)
  • a Estimated using noncompartmental methods.

  • b Estimated using nonlinear mixed effects modeling.

  • c All estimates are presented as the mean (±STD).

  • d ND, not determined.