Table 1

HPV presence and type predominance in cancer and control patients

HPV was detected using both L1 consensus primers and specific primers to the E6 region. Samples negative for HPV in the L1 region were nested using the HPV L1 consensus primers 6582-23D and 7033-22U. Samples negative for the HPV 16 E6 region were analyzed by Southern blot (left column). The numbers of HPV-positive specimens, including the detected type (determined by sequencing analysis), are listed.

Cancer specimenBenign hyperplastic specimen
HPV presenceHPV typesHPV presenceHPV types
HPV L113391300048000
HPV L1 including nested24282121048000
HPV E621312100048000
Southern blotaN/A313453
  • a Performed on all gel-negative E6 samples.