Table 3

Summary of the association of risk factors with TSCC

The ORs for tonsillar squamous cell car were evaluated based on a matched and an unmatched analysis. ORs 95% CIs, and P are given.

Risk factorUnmatched analysisaMatched analysisb
OR (95% CI)cPOR (95% CI)P
Presence of HPV:
 Yes vs. no18.2 (4.6, 73.1)<0.00126.3 (3.2, 213.9)0.002
Presence of HLA DRB1:
 Yes vs. no1.8 (0.7, 4.3)0.191.6 (0.5, 5.0)0.38
Smoking history:
 Past/current vs. never8.0 (2.4, 26.2)<0.00117.7 (2.3, 138.9)0.006
Alcohol history:
 Several or more per week-vs. one or less drinks per week4.0 (1.5, 10.5)0.0053.4 (1.3, 9.0)0.015
  • a Results based on an unmatched analysis of 52 TSCC patients and 48 controls, after adjusting for the matched factors, age, and gender.

  • b Results based on a matched analysis of the 48 TSCC patients and their matched controls.

  • c An OR summarizes the odds of TSCC in patients with the risk factor relative to the odds of TSCC in patients without the risk factor.