Table 5

PCR detection of HPV DNA in lymph nodes of patients with tonsil carcinoma

Tumor HPV statusNo. tumors testedLymph node metastases identified?Histology of nodes for PCRNo. nodes testedPCR Results
HPV 16 primersConsensus primers
HPV 1614YesPositive27Positive
HPV 121YesPositive2NegativeNegative
HPV 591YesPositive3Negative2/3 Positive
HPV 168YesNegative2317/23 Positive
HPV 591YesNegative3NegativeNegative
HPV 163NoNegative9Negative
HPV 121NoNegative3NegativeNegative
HPV negative5YesPositive10NegativeNegative
HPV negative5YesNegative14NegativeNegative
HPV negative5NoNegative15NegativeNegative