Table 1

Role of host microenvironment in angiogenesis and vascular functions

ComparisonReferenceKey conclusions
Cranium vs. dorsal skin (2) Faster angiogenesis in a collagen gel in the cranial window.
(5) Smaller pore cut off size in the cranial tumors.
(6) Lower vascular permeability in baseline and after VEGF superfusion in pial vessels.
(8) Higher interstitial diffusion in the cranial tumors attributable to less collagen (fibroblasts).
(4) Tumor blood barrier formation in HGL21 human glioma only when grown in the cranial window.
Liver vs. dorsal skin (3) Lower VEGF expression and angiogenesis but higher vascular permeability in the liver tumor.
Gall bladder vs. s.c. (7) Higher production of endogenous antiangiogenesis factor in the orthotopic gall bladder tumor.
Pancreas vs. abdominal wall (9) Higher VEGF protein level, angiogenesis, and tumor growth in tumors grown in the pancreas.
Cranium vs. mammary fat padThis studyHigher permeability but lower angiogenesis in the mammary fat pad tumor compared with the cranial tumor.