Table 1

Characteristics of patients undergoing RIST

UPNaAge (yrs)SexDiseaseStatus at transplantDuration of preceding CRReasons for RISTDose of ATGRRT grade (site)aGVHD grade (onset)RelapseOutcome
150MMDSRAEBNELiver dysfunction41 (H)bAlive and DF (day 633)
255FAML3rd CR15 moAge4bYes (day 357)Alive on salvage therapy (day 609)
329MAMLNon-CR3 moCardiac dysfunction4II (H)IIc (day 52)Alive and DF (day 470)
446MCML1st CPNERenal dysfunction2II (R), I (H)IV (day 26)Died of GVHD (day 66)
556MMDSRANEAge2II (H)Alive and DF (day 377)
637MLG-NHLNon-CR4 moCardiac dysfunction2IV (day 79)Alive and DF (day 370)
753FAML1st CRNEAge2Alive and DF (day 328)
858MAML2nd CR18 moAge2Yes (day 136)Alive on salvage therapy (day 312)
962MMDSRANECardiac dysfunction2IV (C)Died of congestive heart failure (day 77)
1050FCML1st CPNEAge2Alive and DF (day 285)
1144FLG-NHL4th CR4 moMultiorgan dysfunction0III (day 13)Died of cerebral infarction (day 140)
1253MAML2nd CR16 moAge2Alive and DF (day 272)
1319FMDSRANEMultiorgan dysfunction4II (S)IIIc (day 13)Died of fungal infection (day 68)
1415MAML3rd CR52 moCardiac dysfunction4cAlive with autologous recovery (day 239)
1566MMDSRAEBNEAge4cDied of bacterial infection (day 7)
1656MMDSRAEBNEAge0II (day 12)Alive and DF (day 231)
  • a UPN, unique patient number; MDS, myelodysplastic syndrome; RAEB, refractory anemia with excess of blast; NE, not evaluable; H, hepatic toxicity; DF, disease free; CML, chronic myeloid leukemia; R, renal toxicity; RA, refractory anemia; LG-NHL, low-grade NHL; C, cardiac toxicity; S, stomatitis.

  • b MTX added to GVHD prophylaxis.

  • c One-antigen mismatch.