Table 1

STAT activation in human cancer cell lines and primary tumorsa

Activated STAT
Blood tumors
 Multiple myelomaStat1, Stat3
  HTLV-I-dependentStat3, Stat5
  ErythroleukemiaStat1, Stat5
  Acute lymphocytic leukemiaStat1, Stat5
  Chronic lymphocytic leukemiaStat1, Stat3
  Acute myelogenous leukemiaStat1, Stat3, Stat5
  Chronic myelogenous leukemiaStat5
  Megakaryotic leukemiaStat5
  Large granular lymphocyte leukemiaStat3
  Mycosis fungoidesStat3
  HSV saimiri-dependent (T-cell)Stat3
  Cutaneous T-cell lymphomaStat3
  Hodgkin’s diseaseStat3
Solid tumors
 Breast cancerStat1, Stat3
 SCCHNStat1, Stat3
 Renal cell carcinomaStat3
 Ovarian carcinomaStat3
 Lung cancerStat3
 Prostate carcinomaStat3
 Pancreatic adenocarcinomaStat3
  • a Based on references cited in Refs. 23 , 25 , and 26 and our unpublished results.