Table 2

Clinical features, treatment outcome, and EBER-1 profile of the 11 patients

Stage of disease at presentationSerum IgA VCA EBVInitial serum EBER-1 (copies/ml)EBER of tumor cells by ISHPrimary therapy response & final outcomeEBER-1 level after primary therapyRebound or progression of EBER-1 later
Patient 1IIIB (T4N0M0)1/5 negative662,945 (pretreatment)PositiveStable disease after CT; died of disease at 6 monthsInitial fall, then rebound; fall again at 2nd line CTNot available
Patient 2IV (T2N2M1)1/160 positive3,186 (pretreatment)PositiveStable disease after RT; aalive with disease at 3 monthsFallToo early follow-up (just completed RT)
Patient 3IV (T2N2M1)1/40 positive0 (before cycle 3 of primary CT)PositivePartial response after CT; alive with disease at 18 monthsProbable fall (no baseline reading)Yes, highest reading = 570 copies/ml
Patient 4IIIA (T2N2M0)1/20 positive28,011 (at first visit pretreatment)PositiveNo treatment; died of disease at 6 monthsNot applicableNot available
Patient 5IIIB (T2N3M0)1/40 positive712 (pretreatment)PositivePending CTNot applicableNot applicable
Patient 6IV (T2NxM1)1/320 positive27,827 (at first visit)PositiveNo immediate treatment; died of disease at 24 months despite later palliative CTNot applicableNot available
Patient 7II (T2N0M0)1/10 positive9,613 (at relapse)PositiveRight middle lobectomy initially; no therapy at relapse at 24 months; died of disease at 74 monthsNot applicableNot available
Patient 8II (T2N0M0)1/10 positive (taken at 7 months after operation)0 (taken at 7 months after lobectomy)PositiveLeft lower lobectomy; alive without disease at 33 monthsNot availableNo (reading = 0 at 33 months)
Patient 9IIIA (T2N2M0)<1/5 negative (taken at 3 weeks after operation)0 (3 weeks after pneumonectomy)PositiveRight pneumonectomy & postoperative RT; alive without disease at 32 monthsNot availableUncertain (low reading of 330 copies/ml at 32 months)
Patient 10IIIA (T3N2M0)Not available (<1/5 at 19 months)Not availablePositiveRight upper lobectomy & postoperative RT; alive without disease at 19 monthsNot availableNo (reading = 0 at 19 months)
Patient 11IIIB (T4N2M0)Not available (1/160 at 9 months)Not availablePositiveRadical RT; alive with uncertain disease at 9 monthsNot availableNo (reading = 0 at 9 months)
  • a RT, radiotherapy.