Table 1

Clinical characteristics and microsatellite status in the tumor, urine, and serum of patients with recurrent disease

Patient no.PathologyAge (yrs)pTNMaGradebSymptomsLOH, tumor/urine/serumcMI, tumor/urine/serumcRecurrenceDeath
1345RCC, clear cell65T3bN0M1IIIMetastasis (lung, s.c.)2/0/00/0/0YesYes
1353RCC, clear cell72T3aNXMXIIINone2/1/10/0/0YesYes
1523RCC, clear cell21T2N0MXIINone6/1/10/0/0YesNo
1552RCC, hypernephroid62T3NXMXIIINone5/3/20/0/0YesYes
1290TCC, renal pelvis77T1NXMXIIIHematuria/positive cytologic specimen13/8/31/1/0YesNo
1550RCC, papillary54T2N0MXIINone11/3/20/0/0YesYes
  • a American Joint Committee on Cancer staging. pTNM: p, pathologic stage; T, tumor size; N, node status; M, metastatic status.

  • b American Joint Committee on Cancer.

  • c Numbers under LOH and MI columns indicate positive microsatellite markers in tumor, urine, and serum DNA.