Table 4

Summary of mean LY355703 pharmacokinetic parameter estimates

Parameter descriptionPopulationa estimate (% SEE)Interpatientb variability (% SEE)
 Parameter for CL (liters/h)51.5 (6.4)32% (38)
 Effect of ALT on CLc−0.132 (84.1)
 Effect of BSA on CLc1.06 (43)
 Parameter for V (liters)131 (8.9)39% (29)
 Effect of BSA on Vd1.93 (29)
Residual error
 Proportionale51 (10)
  • a Pharmacokinetic database: 36 subjects; 287 observations. SEE, SE of the estimate.

  • b Exponential error model; results represented as a percentage coefficient of variation.

  • c Embedded Image

  • d Embedded Image

  • e The difference between model-predicted cryptophycin plasma concentration and observed concentration was modeled as Cij = Csij × (1+ (εij)). The value includes intrasubject variability, model misspecification, and any errors in blood sampling (phlebotomy) times.