Table 3

Multivariate analysis of prognostic indicators in resectable pancreatic cancer patients by the Cox proportional hazards model

VariableCoefficientSEP95% CIHazard ratio
Histologya (G2–G4)0.2010.3520.5670.613–2.4391.223
T factorb (T3/T4)0.8530.4610.0640.950–5.7892.346
N factor (N1a/N1b)0.3010.4520.5060.557–3.2771.351
M factor (M1)0.1950.5380.7180.423–3.4901.215
MSI negative1.7190.6370.0071.601–19.4315.577
  • a Histology was divided according to UICC classification (G2, moderately differentiated; G3, poorly differentiated; and G4, undifferentiated).

  • b TNM classification by UICC staging.