Table 1

Specificity index for I-DLT-labeled Abs localizing to s.c. Raji tumors in SCID mice

Tumor-bearing mice received injection with the indicated specific Ab labeled with 125I and a nonreactive, isotype-matched control Ab labeled with 131I and were dissected at the time indicated. Other data from the same experiments are shown in Fig. 3<$REFLINK> . The specificity index = (tumor:nontumor ratio with the specific Ab)/(tumor:nontumor ratio with the nonreactive Ab).

Specificity index
1F5 day 32.692.312.812.343.222.66
1F5 day 63.352.813.052.624.223.97
L243 day 31.991.922.131.732.001.94
L243 day
MA103 day 34.333.384.383.593.914.53
MA103 day 65.774.775.654.414.925.89