Table 1

Intracellular concentrations of potassium, sodium, and boron in T98G human glioblastoma cells after treatment with either 19F-BPA or BPA

Cellular potassium and sodium concentrations (mean ± SE) and subcellular boron concentrations (mean ± SE) in T98G human glioblastoma cells treated with 110 μg/ml boron equivalent of 19F-BPA or BPA for 6 h are shown. Concentrations of potassium and sodium are expressed in mm on a cellular scale. Concentrations of boron are expressed in μg/g wet weight in the nucleus, mitochondria-rich perinuclear cytoplasm, and the remaining cytoplasm of T98G cells. The number of cells used for quantitative calculations and the number of SIMS imaging fields are also listed.

Boronated compoundCellular potassium (mm)Cellular sodium (mm)μg/g Boron (wet weight)No. of cellsNo. of SIMS imaging fields
NucleusMitochondria-rich perinuclear cytoplasmRemaining cytoplasm
19F-BPA165 ± 618 ± 1289 ± 10225 ± 9302 ± 11357
BPA165 ± 817 ± 1281 ± 8189 ± 6280 ± 10336