Table 2

Results from the Apomate study

CasesApomate gradingΔTBRa 4 h/24 hΔTR 4 h/24 hAnnexin V-rh-Tc99m uptakeClinical responseFollow-up (days)
1Grade 0No uptakeNo uptakeNoneDied64
2Grade 31.7/2.00.6/2.8Neck, mediastinum, hilumCR356
3Grade 41.4/1.71.6/3.2Neck, axilla, hilumCR345
4Grade 0No uptakeNo uptakeNoneDied70
5Grade 0No uptakeNo uptakeNoneDied105
6Grade 0No uptakeNo uptakeNonePR76
7Grade 11.7/18.60.9/8.9MediastinumPR85
8Grade 0No uptakeNo uptakeNonePR124
9Grade 21.6/0.91.8/1.2Right ribPR85
10Grade 0No uptakeNo uptakeNoneDied138
11Grade 0No uptakeNo uptakeNonePD99
12Grade 0No uptakeNo uptakeNonePD60
13Grade 10.7/1.51.1/2.9Neck (left area)CR58
14Grade 22.4/1.7NAHilum, mediastinumPR51
15Grade 32.3/2.03.7/0.6Hilum, mediastinumCR47
  • a ΔTBR (mean values), tumor-to-background ratios posttreatment (4 versus 24 h); ΔTR (mean values), relative tumor ratios posttreatment versus pretreatment (4 and 24 h); NA, not available because the patient had a single posttreatment Annexin V imaging because of the urgency of treatment.