Table 7

DHA-paclitaxel and/or paclitaxel pharmacokinetic parameters after administration of different taxane formulationsa

Taxane formulation (schedule)Pharmacokinetic parameter
Cmaxa (μg/ml)AUC (μg/ml × h)t1/2 (h)Vss (liters/m2)Cls (liters/h/m2)
DHA-paclitaxel (1100 mg/m2/2 h)
(135/m2/3 h)c1.6–3.05.9–11169816
(175/m2/3 h)c2.4–5.011–18
  • a Values represent the mean value (or range).

  • b Cmax, maximum plasma concentration; NA, not applicable; AUC, area under the concentration-time curve; t1/2, apparent or terminal half-life; Vss, volume of distribution at steady state; Cls, systemic clearance.

  • c Data from Ref. 21 .