Table 4

Mutations in CDKN2A/ARF and p53 compared with real-time QPCR and microsatellite analysis

Three CDKN2A/ARF mutations were found in 186 urinary bladder neoplasms. We also observed three cases with double missense mutations or mutation and LOH in the p53 gene that also had homozygous deletion of ARF. The table also shows results from the microsatellite markers: D9S942, D9S1748, and D12S99.

SampleCDKN2A/ARF mutationBase changeQPCR exon 1βD9S1748D9S942D12S99p53 mutation17p13
K15Pro114Leu/Ala128 (silent)C > THDHETLOHHETLOH
S100Asp108/Tyr/Arg122LeuG > THETNIaHET/LOHHETHET
D60HDHETLOHGlu285Lys (287, 291 silent)LOH
K119HDNILOHLOHGlu171Gln, Arg175HisNI
  • a NI, not informative.