Table 6

The relative risk of dying in a forward stepwise Cox regression model for 10 prognostic variables

Prognostic variables included in the modelNo.Relative risk(95% CI)P
High serum HER2 (>15 μg/liter)322.21(1.4–3.6)0.02
High serum YKL-40 (>168 μg/liter)301.88(1.1–3.2)0.02
ER lacking at diagnosis292.68(1.6–4.4)0.0001
Axillary lymph node involvement at primary diagnosis612.06(1.3–3.3)0.003
Liver metastases181.96(1.0–3.7)0.04
More than two metastatic sites133.36(1.6–6.9)0.001