Table 1

Piceatannol and AG490 sensitize 2F7 and U266 tumor cells, respectively, to chemotherapeutic drugs within 24 h

Tumor cells were treated for 24 h with piceatannol, AG490, cisplatin, fludarabine, Adriamycin, or vinblastine, or combinations there of, as listed. After treatment, cells were stained with PI, as described in “Materials and Methods,” and analyzed by flow cytometric analysis. Numbers are percentage of population in given cell cycle phase or undergoing apoptosis.

2F7 Treatment
 Piceatannol (50 μm)46.321.426.35.69
 Cisplatin (1 μg/ml)37.423.626.012.00
 + Piceatannol27.515.715.241.30
 Fludarabine (20 μm)43.522.327.26.60
 + Piceatannol28.715.515.040.30
 Adriamycin (1 μg/ml)41.722.126.87.13
 + Piceatannol26.816.717.038.80
 Vinblastine (0.1 μg/ml)61.010.616.910.70
 + Piceatannol28.015.515.940.10
U266 Treatment
 AG490 (10 μm)71.16.715.76.21
 Cisplatin (1 μg/ml)63.110.816.59.29
 + AG49034.64.65.654.90
 Fludarabine (2 μm)
 + AG49040.116.28.435.10
 Adriamycin (1 μg/ml)67.09.615.17.84
 + AG49037.813.514.434.10
 Vinblastine (10 ng/ml)61.610.416.011.70
 + AG49037.512.914.834.60