Table 2

SU11248 treatment effectively inhibits the growth of established tumor xenografts

Tumors were established as s.c. xenografts. Number of cells implanted per animal: SF763T and C6, 3 × 106; MDA-MB-435, 1 × 107; all other tumors, 5 × 106. Once daily treatment with oral SU11248 was initiated at the indicated dosages, when tumors had reached the indicted sizes. Percentage of growth inhibition values relative to vehicle-treated controls are indicated for cases in which overall effect was growth inhibition; maximum regression relative to tumor size at which treatment was initiated are indicated for cases in which overall effect was regression.

Cell lineTumor typeInitial tumor volume (mm3)Dose (mg/kg/day)% Growth inhibition% Regression
HT-29Colon3604062 (d74)
A431Epidermoid4008030 (d40)
4093 (d36)
2065 (d36)
Colo205Colon2508038 (d35)
4013 (d35)
2055 (d35)
H460NSCLC3008084 (d25)
SF763TGlioma5508079 (d30)
C6Rat glioma3308088 (d25)
4082 (d25)
1104072 (d25)
2041 (d25)
A375Melanoma2304064 (d74)
MDA-MB-435Breast1508071 (d73)
2011 (d73)