Table 1

Metastatic potential of Sod2-overexpressing and HT-1080 cell lines

CellsIncidence (no. of mice with lung metastasis/no. of mice given injections)No. of lung metastatic nodulesa
Expb 1cExp 2dExp 3eTotalExperiment 1Experiment 2Experiment 3
HT-CMV1 of 60 of 61 of 62 of 18500000000000060000
HT-SOD25 of 63 of 65 of 613 of 18e>10080>100>100NA4575000NA8137002166
  • a Each value represents the number of colonies per mouse lung.

  • b Exp, experiment; NA, lungs had metastatic nodes but were not available for quantification.

  • c Lungs were perfused with india ink and metastatic nodes counted macroscopically.

  • d Lungs were paraffin-embedded, stained with hematoxylin and eosin and examined microscopically.

  • e P < 0.00001 χ2 analysis was used to test the difference between metastatic potential of HTCMV and HT-Sod2 cell lines.